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You Are Enough

You Are Enough

 ~ Rev. Dr. Kenneth W. Collier ~


You are enough.

 You are a beautiful human being.
You have a personality, a humanity, a way of being
that is yours and no one else’s,
and that makes you precious and loved and loveable.

You are enough.

 You are something of unique and inestimable value.
Within your own heart there is a sparkling,
twinkling light of worth, dignity, beauty, and love.

You are enough.

 You do not need to become someone else.
You do not need to imitate this person or that one,
no matter how famous, talented or privileged
they may happen to be.
You do not need this person’s intelligence or
that person’s talent or another person’s wealth.
And you do not need any other person to become like you.

There is only one thing that you need.

You need yourself.
You need to become yourself.
You need to imitate yourself.
You need to love yourself.

You are enough.


7 thoughts on “You Are Enough

  1. Beautiful! Reading this made my morning. It’s hard to quiet the voice inside us which is even more crtitical of ourselves than anyone else ever could be.

    • You’re welcome! Whenever I hand this post out to female clients (on beautiful stationery), so very many of them tell me they actually frame it and post it near their computer, wall, refrigerator – it seems to speak to so many.

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