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  1. Theresa, I am in love with your writings—–it is great to have you as a Healer to the world. The writing regarding the grieving for the loss of both parents is so special. I absolutely do not want to think about the future without Mom—-what a pillar of strength she has been to me during my life’s journey over some truly rocky roads. The loss of Dad was sad for me—-he suffered so long with his illnesses. Also, I miss your Dad, and his words of wisdom during telephone conversations with me over the years. “Keep the faith”, and you are able to survive—-not get over—-any roadblocks that are in your way during the remaining travels of a life’s journey. Thanks for the time you spend with writing——it is wonderful.

    • Thank you, Nancy. I appreciate whenever you comment; it gives me the impetus to continue. Enjoy each day with Aunt Doris and, always – Keep the Faith!

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