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In Gratitude

nominated by Ajaytao2010

nominated by Ajaytao2010

I would like to express my deepest thanks to Ajaytao2010 for nominating me for one of three awards. My delay in acknowledging his gift to me has nothing to do with my feelings about it, only to do with the myriad of things happening in my life at the moment. Needless to say, I know my readers and fellow bloggers understand this. I hope that Ajaytao2010 does as well…

I decided on the Blog Sunshine Award, which will no doubt be a surprise to my husband and son. Both of them thankfully follow my blog (I think I threatened them if they didn’t), and often moan about the fact that too many of my posts are, as they describe them, “tear-jerkers.” I must confess that their comments surprise me, as that is not my intention on Soul Gatherings.

My hope with this blog is to inspire my readers with stories about the triumph of the human spirit; of what happens when ordinary people do extraordinary things, from which either one of us, or all of us, benefits. People reaching out to others – whether by words, actions, thoughts, photographs – people touching others. In almost all the cases, the people I write about or the quotations I post have touched my heart. I pass them along so that they might touch yours.

That’s where the Blog Sunshine Award comes in – if some of the posts elicit a few tears, then they were poignant and meaningful and inspiring. Mission accomplished! And when folks reblog some of the posts, that’s even better.

Contrary to popular belief, tears can be a good thing, too.

So my blessings and gratitude to Ajaytao2010. I can only hope to live up to his expectations…

The rules suggest that I nominate 15 people for this award. Please forgive me if I do not reach 15, as I am still reading new bloggers each day and getting to know them, and many of them have already received this award. There are so many worthy bloggers out there, but I lately I just haven’t had the time needed to follow them (or, as you’ve already noticed, post things other than quotations, either). Here are 10 blogs I enjoy:

Travel Love Laugh

A Word in Your Ear

Stephen Liddell

Owl McCloud

Jenadee 222


Sleepless Psyche

Smile Calm

T K Morin

Pearl Street Gallery

[Note: If someone can tell me why my presenting the above names as a “link” didn’t follow through, please let this new blogger know what I did wrong!]

Lastly, I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself. Since I already have 7 in my earlier post, Gratitude, I’ll try to come up with some new ones:

1) I have never regretted my career change in mid-life.

2) I have a passion for ancient civilizations.

3) I have a passion for visiting the locations of ancient civilizations.

4) I read 5 different archaeology magazines each month.

5) I admit to watching Amazing Race and Survivor because I love to “profile” and “diagnose” (in a psychology sense) the participants from afar.

6) My son says growing up with me as a mother was “intense.”

7) There’s a reason for everything. Yes – even suffering.

7 thoughts on “In Gratitude

  1. You’re welcome! Thanks for your offer to help with the links, but I actually (finally) figured it out for the “Last Lecture” post.

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