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My Silent Retreat

Dear Readers and Blog Followers:

I will be on a silent 7-day retreat part of this week and next, without internet access. Anyway, technology would defeat the purpose of the silence needed for spiritual discernment.

I have some favorite poetry scheduled to be posted while I’m gone, but I’d ask your patience in the delay of any of my own postings until I get back at the end of next week. In the meantime, for those of you who might be new to Soul Gatherings, here is a list of past posts that people have told me mean a lot (in no particular order). Perhaps they will speak to you as well.




From the Archives:

1) You Are My Sunshine

2) Dancing with Chopin

3) The Last Good-bye

4) Katrina’s Circles of Grace

5) Remembrance

6) Remembrance II

7) We Are Not a Number

8) Wounded Hearts

9) Of Hospitals, Loss & Love

10) Thoughts for my Son on Mother’s Day

11) The Welcome Angel

12) Mouse Therapy Expert

13) A Few Thoughts on First Responders

14) The Lion Sleeps Tonight But the Leopard Doesn’t (I & II)

15) My Journey with St. Francis, the Jesuits & Pope Francis (I & II)

4 thoughts on “My Silent Retreat

    • You’re so welcome; I’m trying to make it easier by adding links, but so far, no luck. I guess you’ll have to put the title into “search,” or else go through the archives. I’m sorry it will be a fair amount of effort on your part…

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