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The Circle

The Circle
~ Robert J. Wicks ~

Lord, there is so much pain in the world.
Where do I begin to help?

“Start in your circle.”

But when I help my family and friends,
often they really don’t appreciate me.

“But I do.”

And when I reach out to my co-workers,
some suspect my motives.

“I know what is in your heart.”

Still, I think I should do more
to help those I don’t know
who are suffering in the world.

“Then, widen your circle.”

But by myself I can’t do much
to lighten their great darkness.

“Yes, I know. That is why I am with you.”

If only I could believe
You are with me.
If only I could really see you, Lord.

“Open your heart in prayer
and you will believe and see.”

What will I see, Lord?

“That as you walk through the day
I am the center of your circle.”

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