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Heart Song

If I were a song…

If I were a song, what would I sound like?

At birth, luminous angels must trumpet the Hallelujah Chorus for each and every soul in celebration of their birth, their innocence, their precious light.

As an infant, I must have sounded like wind chimes…softly stirring, different refrains, yet always in harmony. Tripping like water over pebbles in a winding brook, exploring different paths, yet always pulled forward.

But there were deeper tones – starts and stops, hesitation, background noise – too quiet – almost imagined.

Then – regimented, in step with military precision (what happened to the wind chimes? the babbling brook?), with a cadence never out of step.

Oh, no – never out of step.

Ominous darkness with undertones of rhythmic despair; on and on, building to a crescendo. A cacophony of discordant sound – keening wails, shrieks, cries, moans… Until cymbals crash and everything stops.

Then silence…echoes of silence…

But wait –

There it was –

Faint at first –

The wind chimes, the sparkling notes of laughter and joy, of innocence and love, of life and hope and play… Bright colored, shimmering golds and purples, a glittering rainbow of dance…

Free style dance.

Theresa’s dance.

It sang with spirit and direction and confidence in itself, this song. This heart song…

It never stopped, never left.


It was always there, lighting my way, dancing in the darkness, spilling its notes through the channels of my heart carved by tears.

My heart song.

Always there in celebration, always my own; song of Your heart, song of my own.

11 thoughts on “Heart Song

  1. Beautiful Theresa, and so accurate a description of so many of our lives at times. It’s good to recognize that that heart song NEVER leaves us. We can always let go of the flotsam and jetsam that we lay over the top of it so it becomes the dominant song calling to us. I love the way you have portrayed this truth. Thank you. Larry

    • Larry: Thank you and so good to hear from you! I purchased your book and so enjoyed it; keep up the good work! Thanks for stopping in and I hope you are well…

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  3. It’s beautiful to know that our soul song is always there, that our light may dim but we always have the power within us to reignite that which is inside of us ♥ Thank You for this 😉

  4. what a beautiful sound your heart song makes…
    perfect pitch flowing withing harmony…
    yes…I am glad you pointed me here…
    it felt as if I felt a soft beat of mine beginning ….
    Thank you ….
    Take Care….

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