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~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

The moment I die,
I will try to come back to you
as quickly as possible.
Isn’t it true
I am already with you,
as I die each moment?
I come back to you
in every moment.
Just look,
feel my presence.
If you want to cry,
please cry.
 And know
that I will cry with you.
The tears you shed
will heal us both.
Your tears are mine.
The earth I tread this morning
transcends history.
Spring and winter are both present in the moment.
The young leaf and the dead leaf are really one.
 My feet touch deathlessness,
and my feet are yours.
Walk with me now.
 Let us enter the dimension of oneness
and see the cherry tree blossom in winter.
Why should we talk about death?
I don’t need to die
 to be back with you.

2 thoughts on “Oneness

  1. Theresa- this passage as well as Emerson’s – posted July 6 had quite an impact on me as I lost a good friend of mine yesterday. Both apply to him and the selfless life he lived. I will miss my friend Harry immensely. He was truly one of a kind…a blessing from God…and a gift to all fortunate enough to know him. Melissa

    • My sympathies, Melissa. As you enter the “dimension of oneness,” the tears you shed will heal both of you. A good friend – a life well-lived – you blessed each other. Call when you are ready. I am grateful these posts helped you.

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