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The Portrait of Our Lives

O Beauty ever ancient, ever new!
You are the designer of the portrait of our lives.
Each of us is an original work of art.
We have come from the kiln of your hand –
unique, beautiful and good, yet unfinished.
 Our “unfinishedness” is your way of asking us
 to be partners in our own creation.
In the living of our lives,
 some of the pieces of our mosaic have been marred.
Some are slightly flawed.
This wound in us may have taken place
because of our weakness or it may have happened
because of someone else’s poor vision.

Remind us, dear Mender of Lives,
that even the pieces you want to rip out
and throw away, you accept.
Not only do you accept them,
you cherish them.
 You reveal to us ever so gently
that they are part of the fabric of our lives.
 They have a right to be there.

Help us to look at each person as a work of art.
Be in our seeing that we may gaze upon ourselves
and one another with the eyes of an artist.
 Teach us to behold rather than merely to look at one another.
In our beholding we will begin to understand
that the shadows, the rough places,
the many colors and experiences
are all part of the beauty of the mosaic.

Just as you have not turned away from us,
never let us turn away from the beauty of our lives.

~ Macrina Wiederkehr ~
“Gold in Your Memories”

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