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An Invisible Host

An Invisible Host
by Raymond B. Fosdick (1883-1972)
Past President of the Rockefeller Foundation

An American soldier wounded on a battlefield in the Far East owes his life to the Japanese scientist Kitasato, who isolated the bacillus of tetanus.

A Russian soldier saved by a blood transfusion is indebted to Landsteiner, an Austrian.

A German is shielded from typhoid fever with the help of a Russian, Metchnikoff.

A Dutch Marine in the East Indies is protected from malaria because of the experiments of an Italian, Grassi.

A British aviator in North Africa escapes death from surgical infection because a Frenchman, Pasteur, and a German, Koch, elaborated a new technique.

In peace, as in war, we are beneficiaries of knowledge contributed by every nation in the world.

Our children are guarded from diphtheria by what a Japanese and a German did; they are protected from smallpox by the work of an Englishman; they are saved from rabies because of a Frenchman; they are cured of pellagra from the researches of an Austrian.

From birth to death they are surrounded by an invisible host – the spirits of men who never thought in terms of flags or boundary lines and who never served a lesser loyalty than the welfare of mankind.

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  1. I would like to share and hope you accept this Award “The WordPress Family Award” recognition for being an inspiration to myself and the wordpress family, I am honored to stand beside a great Blogger..cheers 🙂

    • Congratulations, Terry, on your well-deserved award for a blog that has the power to change the world in such a positive, meaningful way! I have no doubt that you are disseminating its message, one important post at a time. Thank you for passing along the nomination; I will do my best to inspire as well.

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