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  1. Dear friend,
    I dont know if I agree with this. If I am seeking health, then why dont I have it?
    I hear story after story of people who dont want depression who have it.
    I will ponder it more.

  2. Friend: I appreciate your honesty, and I pondered it as well. I am going out on a limb here with my response. One of the most difficult statements made to me by a therapist was that if someone stays depressed for a long period of time and does not work on getting better and doesn’t seem to want to get better (I think I know your feelings on meds & depression from your blog), they need to examine what they are getting out of the depression. That’s right – I was floored by the mere suggestion behind that. But if you think about it, it may have something going for it – we may get attention, enjoy being a victim or martyr, keeps us from being successful because we’re afraid of that, or from making big decisions, etc., etc. Yet I agree with you – bottom line – no one who is depressed, when thinking clearly – would ever stay in that situation. It’s horrific… Just something to ponder that still pops into my head whenever I get down and have trouble getting back up. Please know that I respect you and your opinion, and hope to hear more, if you’d like. Thank you, as always, for stopping in and taking the time to read and comment.

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