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Prayer for the Physical Body

DaVinci's Vitruvian Man

DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man

Prayer for the Physical Body

Today, Creator, I promise to make a new agreement with my physical body.
I promise to love my body unconditionally as my body loves me.
I promise to protect and take care of my body.
I will never again reject my body, abuse my body,
or be ashamed of how it looks.

From now on, I will accept my physical body as it is.
I will enjoy my body, and be grateful for all the pleasures of life it gives me.

Forgive me, Creator, for believing all the lies about my physical body.
Forgive me for judging my physical body against a false image of perfection.
Forgive me for everything I haven’t liked about my physical body.

Today, Creator, help me to see my physical body
as a living temple where you live.

Help me to respect my body, to love and honor my body.
I know that to treat my physical body with respect, love and honor
is to respect, love and honor your creation.
Help me, Creator, to give my physical body whatever it needs
to live in perfect health, harmony and happiness with you.


~ Don Miguel Ruiz ~


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