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We’ll Never Forget

9 11 tribute light



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6 thoughts on “We’ll Never Forget

    • Yes, I’m glad you realized it’s a video. This, along with Coca-Cola’s “Mean Joe Green,” are my absolute favorite Super Bowl commercials. When the Clydesdales bow to the empty sky of the WTC, I always tear up at their homage.

  1. Having been born in Brooklyn and lived just across the water in NJ my entire life, even though I saw the NYC skyline almost every day I never took it for granted. It is such a beautiful sight and it is hard to adjust to the fact that it will never look the same. Every year when the memorial lights shine into the evening sky it is hard to not get chills let alone cry. September 11, 2001 was the most emotional and tragic day of my life having many family and friends in NYC with no way to contact them, three of whom were first responders. The ash and smoke blew across the water into my hometown and it filled up the entire sky. The smoke reached us before family did. Good Samaritans, though sometime hard to find in such a big city, came out of the woodwork and helped a lot of those close to me find ways out of the city so they could get home. All but one. Firefighter Sal Calabro from Ladder 101 in Redhook, Brooklyn. He & six guys from their firehouse were some of the first responders to jump into action and they all gave their lives to save others that day. Never forget all of the innocent victims, but please do not forget all of the heroes who selflessly acted to save those victims. And those other heroes who have worked for months and years to recover remains so families could have proper burials.

    It’s very easy to focus on the sadness and anger, but remember all of the touching stories that restore our faith in humanity. People came together to help one another and they still do and always will. Tonight I will be looking up at those memorial lights and will take pictures for you Theresa!

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