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    • I hear what you’re saying and agree that it’s common to question and/or lose faith during our lives, especially in those dark times when there doesn’t seem to be any light. I imagine what this quote suggests is that some people accept what can’t be explained, while others never, ever will. Especially, perhaps, those who are so very scientific, into documentation mode?

      • There in lies probably the struggle between the intuitive and the rational selves that Einstein talks about. Interestingly , Einstein believed we needed to focus more on the intuitive side than the rational side
        Thank you

      • Whenever I read quotes attributed to Einstein, his words most often surprise me. He must have been a deep thinker on so many levels; I should read up on him.

    • Thanks so much, and welcome! My background as a psychotherapist is strongly end-of-life with hospice and loss & bereavement. Category of “They Have Touched My Heart” (along with others) may interest you. Spirituality & grace abounds, along with hope.

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