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The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life
by Elisabeth Kubler Ross


The Mouse
(early years)

The mouse enjoys getting in and out of everything, is
lively and mischievous, is always ahead of the others.

The Bear
(early middle years)

The bear is very comfortable and loves to hibernate. It looks back
at the early years and chuckles at the mouse as it runs around.

The Buffalo
(late middle years)

The buffalo loves to roam the prairies. It reviews
life in a comfortable setting and is looking forward
to lifting the heavy load and becoming an eagle.

The Eagle
(later years)

The eagle loves to soar high above the world, not to look
down on people, but in order to encourage them to look up.


2 thoughts on “The Wheel of Life

    • That’s where I’m at – the Eagle. When I volunteered after Katrina, one of the evacuees told me to, “always look up, Miss Theresa.” She was right. Thank you for reading & commenting.

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