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The Labyrinth of My Heart

labyrinth 5

Solvitur ambulando . . . It is solved by walking . . .
~ St. Augustine ~


A pilgrim, I stand at the entrance of this Sacred Path,
this Path of Prayer,
this Journey to the Center of Being.
I know not what to expect, but am assured that
walking forward will bring me closer to You.

I cannot see my way to the center;
the path twists and turns with no seeming direction.
One foot in front of the other,
one step at a time,
patient trust that You will show me the Way.

Walking the path without a map,
feeling myself empty in the quiet,
letting go of the control that I seem to need
so very much outside this circle,
releasing the chains as I move on.

Walking the curved path dulls my outside awareness,
while inside glistens with claritas and focus.
My heartbeat slows to a soothing rhythm,
lulling me to a place of peace
as I drink in this well for my spirit.

I hesitate, then stop, dropping to my knees,
resistant to the Way that lies before me.
You and Your Blessed Mother, one on each side of me,
lean down and whisper,
“Come with us, little one. Come.”

I shake my head no as my chin sinks to my chest,
exhausted, fearful,
a cloud of unknowing fogging my heart and my head.
“Don’t ask me to do this,” I beg, frozen, huddled
and twisted about my Being.

For I know if I move forward
I will be forever changed.
I will hand over myself
to journey to a place unknown.
I am comfortable where I remain.

Yet I stand up, shaking, knowing that
I will take this further journey.
The next step is commitment, a marriage,
a promise, a vow.
I will go but You must lead me.

What I lose, I may gain ten-fold;
what paralyzes me may set me free.
If I move on, I let go.
Total, fearless surrender.
Truth. Discovery. Light.

In the center – a communion of all
the tears, loss and desolation into
a treasury of sorts of all that is good;
into a community of love that surpasses
all understanding.

Sitting in the quiet, the whisper of spirit
on my face as I gain strength
for what is Being asked of me.
Be still and know that I am. Be still and know.
Be still. Be.

Centered, in the womb
of this mystical union between heaven and earth,
I receive the blessings of awareness and wholeness
as I return to the collective memory of my soul.
As above, so below.

I struggle to rise, then I am lifted unaware.
Empowered as the path unwinds
beneath my sure-footed steps,
its rhythms beckoning me, calling me
on my journey back to a life renewed.

My leaving becomes an arriving as I dance
in the shimmering light that is Grace.
Bringer of Light. Seeker of Truth.
Bearer of this Sacred Heart.
You are their Light.  Shine.

labyrinth 6____________________________________

15 thoughts on “The Labyrinth of My Heart

    • No, although I do like Rumi’s shortened quotations. If you tell me the title, I’ll gladly read it. In the interim, thank you for taking the (long) time to read it in its entirety and to comment.

  1. “My leaving becomes an arriving as I dance
    in the shimmering light that is Grace.
    Bringer of Light. Seeker of Truth.
    Bearer of this Sacred Heart.
    You are their Light. Shine.”

    So beautiful prayer, thank you Theresa, be blessed

  2. I was looking at a blank blue wall ( I am working on the inside of my cottage)
    when I came back to finish catching up somewhat in cyberspace…
    and I have been thinking of drawing a Labyrinth, I read either in a book or a post somewhere that there is a church ( I believe a Mary Magdalene one)
    that has one drawn on a wall….yes I would love to have one outside and I may but I thought how wonderful to see on as I write or work with Gaia’s gifts…
    your words seem to wash away uncertainty as I read as if I were walking a Labyrinth of my own heart…
    Beautiful flow and I will read again for I know I will see something different…
    though a 6 petal white rose seems to shimmer over your words for me…
    Thank you once again…Theresa….
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • How beautiful where everything has a purpose… A rose – the Little Flower, St. Therese – her spiritual biography called “Story of a Soul.” Yes, Mary Rose – follow the labyrinth of your heart to wherever it may lead – to the story of your own soul – and know that you are loved.

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