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  1. I like that saying, I don;t remember for sure where I heard it, but a lot of years ago I heard the quote, All things in life are defined in how we choose to view it. Both statements are true, and somewhat connected, I think.


    • I spent a good part of my adult life saying, “I don’t have a choice.” Then in my late 40s, I realized I always had a choice, I just (perhaps) didn’t like the choices. Now, I know life is good.

      • Leaves of Grass—Walt Whitman
        When I was in college in one of my History classes we were given a list of Americans to write a report on. On that list was Walt Whitman, the only thing that I knew of the man was that he was some kind of a writer and that there is a big toll bridge on the south side of Philadelphia that crosses over into NJ that is named after him, so I chose him to write about. In my research of this man I found out many things, most extremely negative. I found out that the only poem that he wrote that I liked was the one he wrote after President Lincoln was murdered called O’ Captain. I found out that he just wrote one book of poems this Leaves of Green and would just add a few poems then republish it, over and over again. I found out that in his early adulthood that he chose to be a grade school teacher in New Jersey. I learned that he was fired from 5 grade schools in 3 years and that the people of the last community literally, physically ran him out of the state for to say the least, conduct unbecoming. You see Walt Whitman was a very flaming gay man who always gravitated toward the youngest most vulnerable young males. Does anymore really need to be said? And to think, a major bridge was named after him, what a slap in the face to this mans many victims and their families.


      • I don’t know much about the man except that he was a controversial figure (to say the least) and that his tribute to Lincoln was beautifully written. That being said – if, indeed, all that you recount is true, and I have no reason to disbelieve you – I abhor predators, whomever they are, and pray for all victims who carry lifelong scars. Thank you, Ted, for your comments.

      • Ted,
        As an English major many years ago I took a class on Transcendentalism which focussed on Whitman, Thoreau and Emerson. Whitman was certainly an iconoclast in terms of norms and values, but personally I found much of his poetry in Leaves of Grass to be elevating. He had a rough relation with Emerson, who liked Whitman’s poetry alot but could not tolerate his values.
        To each their own, I say, but thanks for your backstory…

      • Linda – Thank you for giving your thoughts on this topic; they are surely appreciated. To say the least, creatively brilliant people are never simple! ~ Theresa

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