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Monday Meeting — Batkid Saves Gotham City

5 year old Miles Scott of Tulelake, California, loves superheroes. Especially Batman. After all, superheroes battle villains and always win in the end.

Miles has been battling his own villain – leukemia – since he was 18 months old. And November signaled the end of 3 grueling years of treatment; his cancer, for now, in remission.

So when Make-A-Wish of the Greater Bay Area (San Francisco) – the Foundation that grants wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions – asked Miles what he wanted most in the world, his answer was simple – to be a superhero.

So on Friday, November 15, 2013, more than 12,000 San Francisco Gotham City residents, volunteers and personnel closed down roads and lined the streets as San Francisco’s Gotham City’s Police Chief Greg Suhr took to television pleading for Batkid’s help against some noteworthy villains.

So with two Lamborghinis outfitted as Batmoblies, a real Batman (Eric Johnston), Miles’ younger brother as Robin, and President and Mrs. Obama tweeting their support, Miles Scott – Batkid – stormed out to fight crime in the city streets.

Batkid rescued a damsel in distress from the Hyde Street Cable Car tracks, foiled the Riddler from robbing a downtown bank, then had a superhero lunch of a burger and fries.

His crime-fighting never done, Batkid’s lunch was interrupted by hundreds of people yelling for his help in rescuing the kidnapped San Francisco Giants’ mascot Lou Seal from the clutches of the dastardly Penguin. Batkid, as always, saved the day, and the Mascot.

In appreciation for saving San Francisco Gotham City, Mayor Ed Lee presented Batkid with a chocolate Key to the City, and local newspapers carried the story of Batkid’s crime-fighting skills for days to come.

Sleep well, Gotham City. A Superhero keeps watch over your city.

Good job, San Francisco. You have a huge heart.

Well done, Batkid – you saved the day.

Be well, Miles Scott. Thousands of us hold you in our hearts.


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