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Monday Meeting — The Spirit of Sportsmanship

olympics II

The Spirit of Sportsmanship (CNN)

When Russian Anton Gafarov crashed hard during the finals of the men’s cross-country skiing sprint, he tried to finish the race with a broken ski. He was struggling badly — until the coach trucked out on the course and, without saying a word, replaced the snapped ski with a new one.

The Russian coach?

Nope. It was Justin Wadsworth, the coach for the Canadian team.

“I wanted him to have the dignity as he crossed the finish line,” he said.

That, right there, is what the Olympics are all about.



11 thoughts on “Monday Meeting — The Spirit of Sportsmanship

  1. I love when sports bring out the awesome in people. I recently saw a video of a pro soccer game in which there was a nasty collision the officials didn’t see. A player from the opposing team caught the ball (automatically stopping play and costing his own team possession and a penalty kick) and called the officials’ attention to the downed man. I smiled most of the rest of that day. (It’s Gypsy, by the way, out from hiding under my alias. *wave* 🙂 )

    • I was just looking for your blog (to no avail) on Saturday – welcome back and good luck! I’m glad you liked the post; that smiling-all-day feeling you describe is certainly a good one. Blessings…

  2. My Mom and I actually saw this, (before the press got a hold of it), in ‘actual television time.”
    We both thought this was an awesome gesture of sportsmanship and humanity, also. Such a lovely way to demonstrate the real meaning of the words! This was a great post! Thanks for helping me to smile, on a rather sad day for me… Robin

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