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Thursday Re-View — Conversations with Myself

High School Graduation

Thoughts on my high school graduation:

  • Congratulations on being named Salutatorian – second place folks always try harder!
  • Your first night away from home will be your first night away at college. That’s hard to believe, but then again, 1972 was a different time. Stay safe, have some fun, but not too much, and do your best. Notice I said “do your best” – I didn’t say you have to be perfect.
  • College is totally different from high school – much harder, but you can do it. Your parents were right to send you to a coed college; you’ll need to learn about how to get along with all types of people, including both genders.
  • Your boyfriend will keep in touch with you; don’t be so scared about the girls at his college. They’re not you.
  • Always believe in yourself. Your parents already do.

Lebanon Valley College

Thoughts on my college (undergraduate) graduation:

  •  You broke up with your high school boyfriend – the first boy you ever dated (Yes – your parents did make you wait until you were 17 years old!!! Things are different now, to say the least). It happened to a lot of students. You were heartbroken, but survived. In fact, you did more than that – you thrived, and met a handsome, intelligent, romantic young man who stole your heart.
  • This boyfriend broke up with you – heartbroken again – but you couldn’t compete with the Homecoming Queen. That’s all right. Wait until you see what life has in store for you!
  • Being a biology/pre-med major tested all of your discipline, used all of your brain and forced you to manage your time wisely, but in the long run, it will be worth it.
  • You believed in yourself. Your parents never stopped believing.
  • Parties?  You went to one as a freshman, to see what all the excitement was about, then one as a Senior to say good-bye to your friends. What was all the fuss???
  • What were you thinking, trying to be sorority president and residence hall advisor for your sorority house at the same time? You learned a lot about diplomacy and politics, to say the least.
  • Dean’s List, Who’s Who – you did good!  Keep striving.

Pennsylvania College of Optometry

Thoughts on my Optometry School graduation:

  • Congratulations, Doctor. You look lovely with that rose.  Best friends for life?  Probably not, but that’s okay.  There will be other friends.
  • Optometry school was such a challenge; who knew that studying one organ in the body could take 4 years of didactic and clinical hours? At least you might be able to get more than 3 hours of sleep a night from now on.
  • You’re either brave or not too smart – you actually rented office space for your own practice before you graduated? Before you took your Boards? Before you even found out if you passed State & National Boards? But I guess if you believe in yourself – if you invest in yourself – all things will be well and will work out.
  • This has been no small achievement.  By working harder now than you ever have, you’ll find it to be easier in later life.
  • You will start from nothing, and in becoming successful, earn the trust of many.  Never take that for granted.
  • Good luck in private practice (you’ll have 15 years). You have the tremendous privilege of being entrusted with people’s eyesight; take that seriously and remember to be mindful of the miracle that is sight.

Loyola University Maryland

Thoughts on my graduate school graduation:

  • You did it! You switched careers and went back to school.  Who said life begins at 40?  There were right – late 40s, anyway.
  • You found what you were born to do, where you were supposed to be.  These three years will count among the happiest times in your life.
  • As an eye doctor, you helped people to see.  Now, as a therapist, you’ll help them to see with the eyes of their heart.
  • You are going to sit with more pain, despair and suffering, in darkness, than you could ever imagine, or even know existed.  But you will be the better for it.  You will learn to look for the light.
  • You will be a keeper of secrets, a listener of stories, and you will be changed forever.  You will learn compassion and presence and gain insight into this journey called life.
  • You will see countless examples of the triumph of the human spirit, and will learn that we don’t have a soul, we are a Soul, in this, our Creator’s kindergarten.
  • As a wounded healer, you will heal others, on their way to wholeness.  But don’t forget to offer yourself that same gift.
  • You will tread on Sacred Ground.  Walk softly, for their spirits are diminished and their souls are bruised.
  • Be well, my child, be well.  The best is yet to be!

prple rose


8 thoughts on “Thursday Re-View — Conversations with Myself

  1. Beautifully written Theresa. I left high school to work through the labouring ranks because I got my girlfriend pregnant at 17. I spent so many years thinking I had failed and going to have to do life the hard way. Now, so many years later, I am exactly where I want to be. But we all need to be able to walk first, and life does that in so many amazing ways.
    Now to pass that wisdom on, and they will be attracted when they are ready.
    Thank you for the share, the journey in hindsight is a sight to see. Namaste

    • Knowledge is easy; it is the wisdom that is hard won. At any given time, I believe we are right where we need to be for lessons to be learned. Nothing is random. Thank for reading and commenting, Mark.

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