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If I Had My Life to Live Over…


If I had my life to live over, I would…

  • watch more sunsets
  • not try to be perfect
  • eat more pasta & pizza
  • learn how to play the piano
  • go sailing at least once a month
  • use moisturizer at a younger age
  • take more naps while it rained outside
  • let my hair get messed up by the wind
  • talk to more animals
  • know that I was blessed earlier in life
  • act sillier
  • bake more brownies
  • appreciate my parents more
  • give more hugs
  • listen more and talk less
  • learn how to conduct an orchestra
  • be more flexible
  • lay down in a field of purple flowers
  • travel more
  • read more books to my son
  • color outside the lines
  • listen to more classical music
  • live in a stone cottage by the sea
  • work smarter, not harder
  • make more snow angels
  • be happy with the way I looked
  • hunt the Northern Lights once a year
  • volunteer in another country
  • take a cathedral tour of Europe
  • have a second child
  • go to school to be a therapist first
  • learn how to say “no”
  • take more pictures
  • laugh more
  • eat more chocolate
  • follow more rainbows
  • spend an entire month exploring Pompeii & Herculaneum
  • figure out how to travel through time
  • visit more castles
  • learn how to oil paint
  • write a book
  • jump into more piles of autumn leaves
  • visit more countries
  • spend more time in silence at monasteries
  • plant more wildflowers

Since I have an indeterminate amount of time left in this life, I need to see which of these I can still accomplish. I’m going to start by watching tonight’s sunset.

If you had your life to live over, what would you do differently???

38 thoughts on “If I Had My Life to Live Over…

  1. Reblogged this on Sally's Serenity Spot and commented:
    If I had my life to live over….I would not worry about what others thought of me…I would be me…I would not let them kill my creativity….I would not let my fear of failing keep me from trying new things..I would be happy with myself “Just as I am”…I would not allow others to hurt or use me…I would not compare myself to others…I would believe that God loves me and I am special and a princess…etc…

  2. I wouldn’t do anything differently. I needed everything that I have it haven’t done to make me who I am and to provide me with the dreams of who I still can be and things I still can do. Maybe one thing. I would have listened very sincerely with deep interest to EVERY SINGLE WORD my children ever spoke. Yes, that is what I would have done differently…

    • I agree that we are who we are because of our past experiences, but in a perfect world, I would add some things to enhance the journey. I love what you’ve added – to listen to every single word your children spoke – that’s a truly beautiful thing that would benefit you and them. Blessings to someone who is no doubt a wonderful mother…

  3. These are absolutely wonderful, Theresa. And I love what “Other Side of Ugly” said – I too would have listened to every word my children ever spoke. What a beautiful thought!

    In the meantime, there are items on your list that I will add to mine!

  4. Reblogged this on A Delectable Life and commented:
    There is no room in life for regrets. We can however think with kindness on what we could have done differently.

    That said, why not add some to your list for the rest of your life?

  5. I love the funny lines and the lines that make youthink about whats important and what needs to fall by the wayside. I’m gonna reblog this if you dont mind. Thank you for t=you r post!

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