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Thoughts and Prayers Needed

I have been called to volunteer as a Disaster Mental Health responder at the dedication and opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum. The Red Cross deploys me tomorrow for the next 7 days. Invited visitors to this dedication preview period will include victims’ families, first responders, recovery workers, survivors and residents of Lower Manhattan. Licensed Mental Health Professionals have been requested to be available on-site in what is sure to be an emotionally charged environment.

Your thoughts and prayers will be appreciated, to give me the strength needed to support each and every person in need who might cross my path during this deployment.

My daily quotes and weekly posts will continue as usual; however, I may not be able to “like” or comment on your sites.

I will return on May 22nd, if I survive the NYC Transit System.

With gratitude and blessings to all of my blogging family…


24 thoughts on “Thoughts and Prayers Needed

  1. Yes, only good thoughts and blessed prayers are sent with you on your journey. You will be a kind and helpful soul to everyone you touch. Blessings to you.

  2. Dear Theresa, offering prayers and sending supportive thoughts & energy to you during this time of great emotional depth. May the Great Spirit guide you through any challenges and help you hold space for mourning, grieving, and whatever manifestation of beauty shows up. Blessings & Peace, Ka

  3. Best wishes and extra doses of Reiki wait for you when you have need of them, in both challenges and rewards.

  4. just wanted to visit a bit ty for liking my recent post before i left on my trip, and then i found this post. it is a wonderful thing you are doing, it’s always difficult to read anything about 9/11
    having lost folks that day. you have my profound gratitude for your service.

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