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Here We Are

Here We Are
by Nancy L. Bieber

Here We Are, Loving One, Creator God
half-awake to this astounding world,
half-awake to our own mysterious lives,
absorbing only drops of this richly layered life.

We want to notice more, to be alive
to who we are within,
to the stories and the dreams,
to the person we have been
and the one we can become.

To know what is real
we are ready to surrender
illusion, that painted comfort
which has been our friend.

We want to see what is true, what is real,
to hold as much as heart and mind can hold
of the world we live in
and whom we can become.

We want to be awake, God, to your opening of paths,
to create and participate
in this shaping of the way.

Here we are, Loving One, ready to begin.


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