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  1. as they say in Spain, “patience is the good mother of nature”, doesn´t translate very well into english but you sort of get it, plus it doesn´t sound too bad in english…..or maybe a little in Spanish makes more sense.

  2. Show me thy ways, O SUGMAD (a name for God)
    Teach me thy path
    Lead me in thy truth and teach me
    On thee do i wait all day;
    Remember, O Beloved, thy guiding Light
    and thy loving care;
    For it has been ever thy will
    To lead the least of thy servants to thee.

    🙂 “Lai Tsi’s Prayer”

  3. I don’t consider the foundation of spiritual life as one of “waiting patiently in expectation.” In expectation of what?
    The foundation of the spiritual life is LOVE: love for God and all of his creation. We should have no expectations, only acceptance, giving, and being.

    • Your perspective sounds reasonable. Perhaps Weil knew that when we are silent and listen, much is revealed to us, rather than when distracted by day-to-day life. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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