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      • It seems such a long road Theresa and one’s tiny voice echoes in the chasm. Why don’t we hear the other voices? We see the horror in the world and I think it overwhelms us with it’s inevitability sometimes. When you think you’ve seen it all a woman here in Queensland murders her 7 children and her niece. All between 18 months and 15 years, stabs them to death. It seems she was affected by the drug ICE and is presently in hospital after stabbing herself. Incomprehensible.

      • Australia has been in our news lately, and I am familiar with the situation you describe. Overwhelming – yes. Incomprehensible – thankfully, yes. But I must hold onto the hope that our voices, though sometimes echoing in the chasm, are still heard. And that light will always overtake the darkness. And in the knowing that there are pockets of people everywhere in the world who only want what is good, rather than evil. Naive – perhaps, but stubbornly resilient as well. And still we walk on…

      • No you’re not Na├»ve Theresa, there are people out there who care. It’s just that I don’t seem to hear them. Perhaps I’m not listening hard enough. Yes we are resilient, which is definitely a good thing…

  1. Theresa I live in Australia and the horrific moments hit home. I hold my family tight and hope more and more people only want a good life, yet there will always be sorrow and hardship. We need to appreciate what we have, not in money or things. We need to get back to the basic needs of love, family and togetherness. Kath.

    • Kath – a nation’s soul bleeds from these horrific moments, and I can think of no better way to bind up the wounds than by ‘getting back to the basic needs of love, family and togetherness.’ Blessings…

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