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Monday Meeting – In Community

 In Community 

ryclectic’ wrote: “My buddy witnessed an act of utter kindness today…While he was standing on the corner waiting for the crosswalk he saw this woman buy two meals at a street vender and go sit down beside this man and give him one of the meals. She proceeded to introduce herself and talk to him about his life and just shot the [breeze] with him. She wasn’t acting superior, she was his equal, she just wanted to talk to and express inclusion to a fellow human being.”


Source: The Kindness Blog

18 thoughts on “Monday Meeting – In Community

  1. How absolutely wonderful to hear a story like this. We are all included and there is no cost in being kind but the gift given and received is utterly priceless. When we travel this earth as the love and spirit beings that we are meant to be the momentum that is generated can propel us into higher and greater awareness of who we truly are. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us.

    Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,

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