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Monday Meeting – One Man’s Tribute to His Wife

This Man Mixed His Wife’s Ashes Into Fireworks
And Blasted Them Across The Night Sky

The photo shows Annette Maunder’s father (left) and her husband (right) watching her ashes explode over Devonport Park in Plymouth.

wife I

The 55-year-old lost her battle with cancer last month, but before she died, she came up with this beautiful idea for her ashes to be fired into the night sky.

Gary, her husband, said: ‘She would have loved it. It’s a good way to send her off.”

Funeral arranger Hayley Pell, from the Co-op, said: ‘In many cultures the funeral is an occasion that brings the whole community together in a grand celebration of a person’s life. Gary decided to do just that and, with the help of myself, Annette’s ashes have been interred into a firework.’

‘This is a fitting tribute and a great final farewell to Annette.”

Source: The Kindness Blog

21 thoughts on “Monday Meeting – One Man’s Tribute to His Wife

  1. Wow! Great idea! Of course, here in Canada (or at least in Quebec) we are not even allowed to spread ashes. We must to so illegally… As per Mick’s wishes, he will go fishing this summer. No bang. just a quiet float on the river where he loved to fish…

      • Thanks Theresa. It’s going to take some organisation and the rental of boats, methinks! Mick’s friend has a small boat (for 3) and I am fairly certain there are mroe than 4 of us who want to be present…

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