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Thursday Re-View — Endings

There seem to be more endings than new beginnings as I get older. And one starts to wonder just how many endings can continue until there’s nothing left.

This train of thought started with a Facebook post by my ex-husband, notifying his world that our house was finally sold. Finally. Good news about not having to carry two mortgages anymore in today’s difficult economy.

But this was the house that we built 27 years ago, after years of scouring house plans for just the right one. The custom-built house that we watched become a home from the ground up…the footers being poured, the walls being erected, the sheet rock hung, the roof laid, the rooms painted. We went there every night after work to check on the progress, showing Alex, at one and a half, his future home.

Everything happened there – a marriage, raising a son, bringing in 2 cats (Peanut and Freddie) and a dog (Misty), birthday parties, Easter celebrations, Christmas dinners. Alex’s Communion and Confirmation, his driver’s license, his high school and college graduations. And our divorce.

So many memories, so many years, so much laughter and so many tears. The house breathes them. Inhale peace, exhale hostility. Inhale love, exhale animosity. Inhale hope, exhale despair.

I hope that a family bought the house, and that their dreams are fulfilled within its sanctuary. I hope the walls ring with their joy and laughter, and that the years bring them all that they deserve, and more.

For it is a good house, with good bones, with a heart that has known love. Just blow the dust of the years away and bring in the fresh air of hope and new beginnings.

For this is sacred ground. A family lived here, loved here, lost here.

And may a new family be found here.

How many endings until there’s nothing left?

I hope only for the balance of a new beginning.


22 thoughts on “Thursday Re-View — Endings

  1. There’s nothing nicer you could offer a house than a new family to occupy it and fill the walls with all the joys a family shares. There’s nothing nicer you could wish for a new family than a house where love and joy have been shared that’s now built into the very fabric of the building and which will reinforce that feeling for it’s new occupants.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. Bless you, it is so hard and I do know having been through it too. I sometimes pass my old home and yearn for what could and should have been. But times change and we make the best of it. I hope you have a safe and cosy home now where you can truly be happy x

  3. Every ending IS a new beginning!

    Inhale peace, exhale PEACE.
    Inhale love, exhale LOVE.

    It’s never easy to let go the blessings of the past, but with every release comes something new and wonderful to EMBRACE.

    With much Love and Appreciation,


  4. Seems inappropriate to like this post that describes so much loss. But I believe that even when we take our last breath, it’s a doorway to something new.
    We lived for 27 years with our five children in a house my husband designed just for us in our own “Winnie the Pooh” hundred acre wood. I had never lived more than ten years any where, so this really was the one place on earth that felt like home to me. But life changes and it became too much to take care of both physically and financially with the children gone. We had named it “First Day,” after the saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” When we moved to town, we built a much smaller house in two acres or woods and named it “Last Day!” Eventually it became too much also, so now we live in an apartment, which I have named “Extra Innings.” I still have woods outside our windows with birds at feeders and blooming trees all around us, so I write at my computer and enjoy the beautiful cardinals and laugh at the squirrels’ antics
    At 60 I took up painting and love it even though I have no natural talent for it.
    At 75 I did my first stand up comedy about aging at a local coffee house. That same year I started my blog.
    Now at 78, I am working on a book.
    Today I cleaned about one third of the apartment. It took most of the day, because I have to take so many breaks. Thank goodness we aren’t still keeping up a house!
    I’ll be praying for you to find wonderful new beginnings in unexpected places.

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