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11 thoughts on “Monday Meeting — DOVE: Choose Beautiful

  1. That can be quite confronting because it really does point to what you think of yourself…but to stand in your truth is very empowering 🙂
    Great post Theresa, that is a beautiful thing to see, even in another 🙂

  2. So, so thought provoking, Theresa. I loved so many things about this–the way the mother pulled her daughter to the beautiful door without hesitation (what a powerful message she imparts with that simple gesture); the way the two young girls blazed through the beautiful door without hesitation (“Society’s insidious messages of self-loathing and self-doubt haven’t yet permeated,” was my immediate thought; and the way the one woman encouraged her friend (who *was* exquisitely beautiful) to go ahead and go through *that* door the next time. Ahhh, we put such burdens on ourselves, no? When I’m feeling most down on myself, I try to think, “Lori, how would one of your dear friends see you?” and it helps…sometimes. Blessings, Theresa….

    • “…and it helps…sometimes…” How true, Lori. I must admit that I would have gone through the “average” door without hesitation, but would have encouraged anyone with me to go through the “beautiful” door. Old messages die hard. Blessings…

  3. Funny, but some days I would choose one and other days the other one. Many women would feel it would be vain and bragging to claim beauty. One thing I notice is that everyday I see young women I consider beautiful and I don’t remember that many women being beautiful when I was young. Part of it may be we are using more make up with greater skill and I think our cultural standards for beauty have broadened some. Also, I think women feel better in general about themselves, because our talents and abilities matter now, not just our looks. Confidence can give us an attitude of beauty.

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