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  1. I remember this quote many years ago. It should be one that I say to myself every morning but usually don’t remember to do so, except this morning. Thank you Theresa

  2. Beautiful! A little story if I may Theresa. Spirit told me when I was going to die…and I got in a flap. It wasn’t until I realised that I was in fact stressing over it, and it was taking control of my life that I understood…I can be miserable for the time that I had left or I could stand in my truth and the love that I was within. I have total control of how I used that information.
    I chose to ‘live’. I also realised that all those ‘things’ that I thought was important, no longer had meaning, and the things that I had put off (and usually things to do with the heart), now became my priority.
    Most people don’t get that privilege of knowing their ‘time’, but we should live like we have because all too soon that time is getting closer and closer.
    Great post πŸ™‚

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