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  1. i really like this quote. I spent my first 50 plus years living by the policy, “If at first you don’t succeed, quit so you don’t make a fool of yourself.” After 60 years of drawing only stick figures, I was inspired by the art of seriously physically handicapped people to attempt drawing and painting. By then I had heard God telling me that perseverance was the most important talent, not perfection. So I stuck with it and spent the next ten years painting and loving it and having modest success with it. Enough that my first teacher when starting classes in a new town asked to use my first attempt along with my portrait of a great-grandchild at the end of that 10 week class as an advertisement. That was both humbling and affirming. On all portraits I have done, it took me three completed attempts to get a good recognizable portrait.
    So, I’m a good example that perseverance is the most important virtue in art and I suspect in most things, including becoming the person God created us to be.

    I enjoy your quotes. Often they are just what I need to hear. Thanks for finding and sharing them.

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