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Today’s Quote


Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.
Don’t resist them — that only creates sorrow.
Let reality be reality.
Let things flow naturally forward
in whatever way they like.

~ Lao Tzu ~

10 thoughts on “Today’s Quote

  1. Reblogged this on Loving Me, Too and commented:
    I can let it flow. I just don’t have to go with every flow. I can step out of the stream and watch it go by if I want to. Or I stay and go with it. The choice is mine. The choice is yours.

  2. I always end up back at the prayer, Lord, help me change what needs to be changed, Accept what I can’t change and the wisdom to know the difference.

  3. I am going to try and make this my mantra. Family has caused to many problems and I need to learn just to forget and move on, their loss, my sanity

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