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  1. I had this plant that I was given from a very beautiful lady, and I was determined that it wasn’t going to die on me, even though it had died back to its roots.
    I gave it water, fertilizer, energy, and the best spot in the house as well as much much love. And seemingly a miracle, it re-grew, but spluttered and died again, re-grew, and spluttered and died again…at least 6 times this happened over a 4 year period.
    So with great wisdom I thought, like the relationship with said woman, it was time to let it go…actually both of them 🙂
    So I put it out the back of my unit and practically forgot about it. And in the space of 3 months it has now grown over a foot tall, and just now doing the impossible and sprouting this one magical pure white flower from its center.
    Did I kill it with love Theresa? Is that possible 😀

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