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  1. I’ve planted several different types of trees over the years at different places. One lived for about ten years, then died, one fell half way over, but lived. Another was an ornamental apple tree with small purple flowers and strange little purple berries, not apples. After thirteen years a white blooming apple bearing tree sprang up from the middle of it. At our last house, I planted an evergreen that grew large and beautiful, but an ice storm killed one side of it the year we moved. I hope it grew back. My batting average on planting for posterity isn’t too good. Like the idea though. People are being buried with newly planted trees now. I have a fear mine would get a blight or be bulldozed for a shopping center.:)

  2. Samplings were given as favors at my daughter’s wedding 15 years ago…symbolizing the enlarged family tree. I have friends who have updated me on ‘their’ tree.

    I live this quote…planting a tree communicates hope in a future and expectation of other’s use and joy.

    I re-blogged this lovely post.

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