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Hello and welcome to Soul Gatherings!

I’m Theresa – an Optometrist turned Licensed Professional Counselor turned blogger, who loves to read, write, volunteer and travel. Did I mention that I happen to love incidents that showcase the triumph of the human spirit? In my life, I have met so very many people who have inspired me, lifted me up when I was down, pointed me in the right direction while I was without a compass and made a positive difference in my life. They touched my heart in some way, and for that I am grateful beyond words.

In my evolution from an Optometrist who helped people to see with their eyes to a psychotherapist who helps people see through the eyes of their hearts, I have been inspired by meeting ordinary people with extraordinary offerings. I hope that these random reflections about people I’ve met and places I’ve been will touch your heart as well, and remind you that often, we entertain angels unaware. Their spirits shine, and when touched by their light, we cannot help but be changed by the experience; we cannot help but know that we are never alone on this life journey.

These are their stories, my stories, your stories – whether I’ve “co-journeyed” with these folks for a time in person, or was somehow touched by their writings in a book so much so that I want to share their wisdom with others. Along the way, I’ll include my thoughts about getting through life when it’s not going at all like we planned. Plus, some lessons (painfully) learned on how to truly become better at transforming into a human being, and not a human doing. I am indeed a work in progress.

I almost forgot – did I mention that I happen to love quotes? Once again, a source of inspiration, wisdom and peace for me. I hope to pass on to you the ones that have spoken to me; perhaps they will resonate with you as well when you most need it. Life is like that – there’s a reason for everything…nothing is random…we are all interconnected.

My thanks for being a part of this soul gathering.

“Wherever two or more are gathered…”


211 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for sharing, Theresa. I love what I’ve read so far. I love how you expressed about your career path change and how it helps others “see”. I’ll be back to read more.

  2. Another note – you also forgot to mention how incredibly smart and handsome your son is. Oh, and how his handsomeness and smartness has influenced your life in undoubtedly thousands (or tens of thousands) of ways. Discuss.

  3. Theresa,
    You are a very intelligent, caring and thoughtful person.. I always love to see you and you make my day! I always feel like a better person even if it is just 5 or 10 minutes that we spend talking! Thanks for making my day today:)

  4. Thanks for visiting my own little blog and giving likes to ‘The Waiting Game’ and ‘Under the Apple Tree’. Really appreciated. Where is the photo taken on the home page banner of your own blog? Be very interesting to know. Love th equates. Have a good week. MM ๐ŸŒณ

      • It is a sort of disciplined approach to the opposite of doing. Not doing without being lazy or disabled. When I am unable (for whatever reasons) to do something that I want to do, I mindfully do not do it. I abstain from doing rather than being prevented. Human not-doing. — Bear

      • Human not doing sounds like a choice – a giving ourselves permission to not do something? That is an extremely hard task, I believe, for baby boomers.

      • One actively engages in not doing. Not doing is the foci. A variation on your human being.—- more like a meditation than a permission to shirk. I don’t much like shirkers. One can engage in not-doing while mindfully engaged in other tasks. There is an infinite amount of not doing that can be accomplished at all times. Infinite is the same for everyone. Whatever age. Not that I know what infinite is. 8 (sideways) eludes me. ‘Tis always beyond my reach. — that’s supposed to be a joke — hahaha — Bear

  5. Hey there my friend!! I have good news for youโ€ฆ.I have nominated you for the โ€œBest Moment Award.โ€ The reason I nominated you for the award is because I think that your blog is worthy enough to receive the award and that other people should have the opportunity to enjoy your blog. Congratulations! I hope that this award will help brighten your day in some way! You can visit my site and check it out! โ€œGood Time Storiesโ€ http://goodtimestories.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/best-moment-award
    Have a GREAT day!!

    • Coach – Congratulations for getting the “Best Moment Award” nomination, which is so well deserved, and my sincere thanks for passing it along to me. I’ll do my best to keep up the legacy.

  6. We are drawn to the professions in which we need the most healing. When we learn this, and turn this spotlight onto ourselves, we ourselves become powerfully successful.
    beautiful site you have here, and thank you.

  7. Hello there my friend! I hope that all has been well with you and your family. I would like to let you know that I have nominated you for the Loyal Reader Award. I really appreciate the fact that you visit my page as much as you do and I would like to honor YOU with this award.
    Please visit my page to see the award requirements and other informationโ€ฆalong with the name of your blog page! Check it out on โ€œGood Time Storiesโ€.
    Once again, congratulations on your award nomination. I am very proud of you and wish you all the best. Hereโ€™s to many, many more of your stories and articles on the future!

  8. I had marked your page to come back too…
    it felt good…the energy was calm….real….
    I thought I had commented but I reckon I drifted further than I though when I was outside today…
    Your blog seems to be drawing me back…not sure how I came within here…and I will be back….when my mind can feel again…
    (need some sleep)
    Take Care…You Matter…

  9. Hello Theresa. I wanted to thank you so much for visiting my blog and for reading and commenting on several of my posts. You have blessed me indeed and now that I have read something of you here, I can see why! I do hope that you will visit me again at my ‘summerhouse’, and I am now following you. We just never know who will bring light into our lives, just when we need it the most… ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi Theresa, thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments on my blog. I like your header picture, looks like it was taken in England.

    • You are welcome, and thank you for stopping in as well. As for the header picture – it came as “standard issue” for this blog theme, and I just happened to love it!

      • Ahh, picture solved, it is beautiful. I’ll be back to see what’s happening over there.

    • Hi, Nodz – Congratulations on the Liebster Award to a well-deserved, beautifully inspired blog. Your posts are surely an inspiration to others, as they are to me. Thank you for the honor of passing it along to me, although I no longer qualify, as I believe it is to “up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.” Although not by a huge margin, I have passed that number and work to move forward. Your thinking of me is a blessing.

    • Terry: A well-deserved Congratulations!!! as more and more people recognize the importance of your blog. You bring much-needed attention to a topic that is on the front lines of our youth, and have, I feel certain, saved lives with your efforts. That you thought of me in passing along the 6-Award is humbling. I send you my gratitude and blessings.

  11. I’m with you on liking incidents that showcase the human spirit. So wonderful, even with cyberconnecting, like here, to get to be a fly on the wall to someone’s communications, etc. It’s nice to meet you and see that we have some things in common. Paulette

    • Congratulations on your well-deserved award — an artist of words and pictures alike! Thank you so very much on passing it along to Soul Gatherings, where I will try to present offerings of peace.

  12. Theresa, A nice experience on your site. Enjoyed the comments of many and noted an earlier one by a. When I figure out a bit more how to do this,more will come….

  13. You have a sublimely heartening and inspiring blog which oozes both wisdom and a sanguine esoteric quality, very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry

  14. I wanted you to know that I found your blog a month ago and you are such an inspiration to me when I read your posts..your stories are very moving in a good way…they make me think about where I am going, where I have been and how blessed I am in this life. My blog is about my healing garden, but your blog is a garden of souls….a true gathering…
    I am not into awards as much , but this time I liked this one since it was
    for Very Inspiring Bogger…and I thought I would tell people why I found their blogs inspirational…and yours is to me..so congrats for this award from someone that stops by to get refueled in life…
    Here are the rules if you even have the time, if not just wanted you to know you are an inspirational blogger to all of us out here—-


    • Robbie: Thank you so much for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I hope you understand that I have had to become an award-free blog, since I don’t have the time to do the nominations justice. But, it doesn’t take away my gratitude one iota – honest. What I am beyond grateful for are your kind words about my blog; not everyone ‘gets’ that I mean the sometimes sad stories to be inspiring in a good way, and you understand. Plus, to describe Soul Gatherings as a “garden of souls” touched my heart deeply, and gives me the inspiration to keep doing what I love to do – write what I feel about special people who have touched me in some way. You have now joined that list…

      • I totally understand the award stuff .I only did it this time because I liked the subject ” inspiration” and the man that awarded was such a nice man he goes out of his way to give back to others… …thank you for your kind words:-) I feel blessed to have joined your list:-)

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