Letting Yourself Be Loved

While working in hospice, I was fortunate enough to come across a valuable resource by Michael Stillwater and Gary Malkin entitled “Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying.” The book and 2-CD set has become a part of me, its 12 different messages a balm for my spirit. I have already shared my favorite, “Walk On,” and would like to share another beautiful selection.


Letting Yourself Be Loved
by Lew Epstein

No one has ever prepared us for this experience.
We think it’s the end – no.
It’s another beginning.
It’s knowing that you’re loved, knowing that you’re loved.
It’s not easy, letting yourself be loved —
because we’ve learned to judge ourselves —
we’re always judging ourselves.

But I learned to listen that I was loved.
I was loved!
And then I would forget that I was loved.
Those were the most painful times for me —
forgetting that I was loved.

So you’ve let yourself be loved while you’ve been here.
And you’ve judged yourself.
And you’ve forgotten that you were loved.
And you became alone…but you will always be here.

You are blessed. You are forgiven. You are an angel.

You have to listen that you’re loved and you have to forgive all the time.
Listen that you’re loved and forgive, all the time.
You are love.

Farewell my son.
Farewell my daughter.
Farewell my father.
Farewell my mother.
Farewell my sister.
Farewell my brother.

Thank you for letting me love you.
Thank you for letting yourself be loved.
God bless you.

Lew Epstein, whose loving words live on in the hearts of all who hear them,
made his graceful passage on March 28, 2003.



Love is Forever

Love is Forever
by Kate Strasburg

Life is good…
But sometimes…
the sun disappears behind the clouds.
The wind comes up…
and the rain comes down,
and life becomes hard,
and you become sad…
You may be afraid
of losing someone you love.
or you may have lost someone you love…
Or you may be sick yourself
and afraid.
What you need to remember,
then and always
is that love is stronger than everything:
stronger than sickness…
stronger than death…
Once you have been loved,
that love will always be with you.
You will never be alone.