Today’s Quote


May the days and years ahead of you be filled with


 that you may sense clearly the path you choose to walk;


 that you may see, search, and dream without limitation;


that you may hear and follow your inner guidance,
discern when to act on behalf of yourself and/or others,
and when to simply be and let be;


that you may taste the fruits of success; and,


that you may discover what you want and need,
know who you are, give to others of your heart’s joy,
have the courage to stand for your own convictions,
and believe in yourself no matter what.

~ Raphaella Vaisseau ~

Promise Me That You Will…

Be kind to yourself.
Look in the mirror and see that you are beautiful.
Make three wishes.
Be strong.
Nurture your soul.
Continue your prayers.
Let go of any pain.
Banish any anger.
Take one moment at a time.
Hear music.
Make music.
Seek inspiration.
Believe in fairy tales and in the magic of your dreams.
Find that dreams do come true.
Hug yourself.
Feel the sun shine.
Believe again.
Seek laughter.
Always remember that you have a guardian angel watching over you.
Find hope.
Find your true love.

Promise me these things.

~ Linda Ann McConnell ~