Today’s Quote


It is in everybody’s interest
to do what leads to happiness
and avoid that which leads to suffering.
And because, as we have seen,
our interests are inextricably linked,
we are compelled to accept ethics
as the indispensable interface
between my desire to be happy
and yours.

~ His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, 1999 ~


Whatever Else You Do


Whatever Else You Do
by Max Ehrmann

Whatever else you do or forbear,
impose upon yourself the task of happiness;
and now and then abandon yourself
to the joy of laughter.

And however much you condemn
the evil in the world, remember that the
world is not all evil; that somewhere
children are at play, as you yourself in the
old days; that women still find joy
in the stalwart hearts of men;

And that men, treading with restless feet
their many paths, may yet find refuge
from the storms of the world in the cheerful
house of love.