Zen Wisdom II

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metta refuge dharma

A story is told of two monks who had taken a vow to never touch a woman.

They’re on a pilgrimage to a holy temple when they come to a place where the water has risen, making it difficult to pass. Stranded along the bank is a beautiful young lady who asks for their help. The first monk scowls at her and says that he’s taken a vow of chastity, so he cannot help her. The second picks the woman up and carries her silently across the water.

A mile later, the first monk asks the second, “What did you do? You know we’re not allowed to touch women – why did you take her across the river?”

The second monk answers, “Brother, I picked her up, carried her across the river, and set her down. You’ve been carrying her for the past mile.”

Why do we think that it’s only the things that we do that matter
and not the things we think?

The Zen Book
~ Daniel Levin ~

Zen Wisdom


Two frogs were happily hopping around when they saw a big pail sitting in front of them. They both were so interested that they couldn’t control themselves – they decided to jump up onto the rocks around them to see if they could find out what was inside the bucket. When they couldn’t see from that vantage point, they decided to jump in together, splashing into a pail full of cream.

At first they were thrilled and drank until they could drink no longer…and then they realized that they couldn’t get out. Each time they jumped, they hit up against the slippery side of the bucket and fell back in. They kept trying and trying, until the bigger one said, “I can do this no longer. I’m too tired.” He gave up and drowned in the bucket.

The little frog told himself, “I’d rather die trying to get out of here than just give up and sink to the bottom.” He continued to paddle and paddle and then he’d try to jump, only to hit the side and slip down again. This went on for some time, until as he was paddling, he felt something solid under his foot. He stepped onto this solid thing, jumped, and he was out of the bucket! By continuing to paddle, he’d churned the cream into butter, and was able to jump out.

Never give up, for we never know when the moment when everything will change will come.

~ Daniel Levin ~
The Zen Book