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Don’t be afraid to be broken open.
Light comes in at the broken places,
and light heals dark.
 When you are healed,
you will be even stronger there.
Don’t be afraid to feel,
to hurt, to cry.
Pain brings wisdom and compassion.
Be like the oyster…
and slowly, patiently,
around that grain of sand,
produce a perfect pearl.

~ Kate Strasburg ~

9 thoughts on “Strength

  1. I love this. It’s silly when you think about it – crying really isn’t that big of a deal and you feel so much better when you do it. But no one likes to reveal their moment of weakness and vulnerability.

    • I’ve found that wisdom and spiritual growth come from pain far more often than joy. That’s what makes those moments of happiness so precious…

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  3. I really love this quote- thx. Leonard Cohen sings about the same thing in “Anthem”. I saw him last time he came to Ottawa- it was so moving. I think this concept is so soulful- thx again for the reminder.

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