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Thursday Re-View — “Human Being? Human Doing? or Human Becoming?”

human being
All this time, I thought of myself as a human being. I was wrong.

For the considerable number of acquaintances and family members who never thought to hear me admit that I was wrong, I’ll repeat that.

All this time, I thought of myself as a human being. I was wrong.

I was a human doing.

In my adult life, I’ve been many things: daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, aunt, wife, ex-wife, mother. Optometrist, Licensed Professional Counselor, writer, teacher, advisor. Friend, adversary, student, mentor, volunteer, colleague, supervisor, supervisee, boss, advocate, committee member, office holder, perfectionist, overachiever. Catalyst, irritant, critic. Tourist, retreatant, co-journeyer, listener, speaker. Avid reader. Supplicant to Saints Francis, Jude, Therese, Teresa and Michael the Archangel.

I could go on and on, as could those who know me, but won’t. You see the pattern. A human doing.

The truth? I am exhausted. And it is so very difficult to give myself permission to carve out a life as a human being. I have encouraged clients to explore their identities as a human being; I just haven’t followed the advice I offer to others for myself (I’m sure lots of you struggle with that same thing; those of us who are used to giving are not very good at receiving).

Human being. What is that? In the moment. Fully present. Silent. Absorbing. Listening. Open. At peace. Being emptied in order to be refilled.

So right now, I guess you could say I am a human becoming. A work in progress. Trying to find that precious balance between being and doing. Trying to remember that if I am not whole, then I will not be present for those most in need. I will not be the authentic Theresa that I was put on this earth to be. Not do.

A human being.


13 thoughts on “Thursday Re-View — “Human Being? Human Doing? or Human Becoming?”

  1. A true and great post. Human Being, Human doing or human becoming? If someone already is human it’s you. Being or doing?
    It’s the difficult balance. Maybe you can marry those two things by doing someyhing extra for yourself this weekend, so that you can just be? Because I’m sure you’re so well worth it! All the best to you.

    • That balance is a continual challenge to me, one I hope to achieve someday. In the meantime, I like your idea of doing something for me this weekend. I’ll think on it. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. Extremely powerful and thought provoking. I see so much of myself in this Blog. Bravo my friend. Excellent.

  3. ……wearing a lot of hats in life can be exhausting…..your list is long:-)…..life is a journey and there is nothing wrong with slowing down and taking time to breath and it is refreashing! I’m spending more time slowing down these days and I feel a lot better….it is okay…..seasons in our life require different things…and also our body lets us know when that is needed-( big smile + exhale) so we don’t run into a brick wall!

    • Thank you for your practical, sound advice. It’s a challenge for me, but I’m listening to my body this time. The need to be doing “more” now only rears its ugly head a few times a week, rather than several times a day. For me, that’s progress. Thank you for your words of wisdom – I especially like the “seasons in our life require different things.” Welcome to Soul Gatherings!

  4. It is the part about allowing oneself to be that I have difficulty with. I cannot allow it – I cannot find the peace of mind to do it. I am always worrying or stressing or thinking about what was and what ifs. I cannot let the garbage go and just relax and be.

    • Sure you can let it go; you’re just choosing not to at the moment, for whatever reason. When you figure out the reason, you’ll be able to dig it up and dig it out. When you’re more afraid to stay put than you are to make a change, you’ll make the changes needed. Good luck on this part of your journey.

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