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Today’s Quote


When I run after what I think I want,
my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety;
if I sit in my own place of patience,
what I need flows to me, and without pain.
From this I understand that what I want also wants me,
is looking for me and attracting me.
There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it.

~ Rumi ~

34 thoughts on “Today’s Quote

  1. It can be confusing when both ‘thinking’ and ‘needing’ involve the activity of the mind but that to ‘Be’ is the cessation of personal thought and fearing no needs for “In that contemplation, then God will be all in all (1 Cor 15:28), because nothing further will be desired of him; to be illuminated and rejoiced by him will be enough, (St. Augustine).” The ‘narrow gate’ in its deepest form.

  2. rumi’s quotes sound so great. But only for those who want things for themselves, as he did. For those who want a Better World, particularly for Others, Much Running about is needed too. 🙂

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