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  1. No doubt those are good words but they are rather abstract in their delivery. I only comment so that it might be understood that what it means to ‘carry it within us’ does not necessarily mean to cling to the memory of beautiful images. Socrates said that beauty is the recognition of truth and it is amazing to realize that such a simple equation ‘to recognize truth’ is actually rather complex.
    For example, 2+2=4; an easily recognizable truth because each character is given an absolute value. But the elegance, artistry and beauty of this truth has faded from its point of origin. That the intricacies of mathematics, in its inception, was rather an astounding accomplishment for human development but is no longer recognized. And, yet if this basic equation is not understood all other mathematical principles will fail. This simple equation has a beauty most no longer recognize and yet if it is not carried within, all other mathematical integrity cannot be found. To ‘carry it within us’ is not just the memory of images of beauty which are easily recognized as beautiful, and that in the ease (2+2=4) strikes boredom and the beauty can fade just as easily even though it is right before our eyes.

    Sorry for the length of this comment. 🙂

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